Make your Employees Feel Needed

Employers can do a lot to help their employees feel needed.


Firstly, by making sure that each employee knows what his contribution is. For example, could employers encourage their employees to ask who I’m helping?

The answer is simple to the customer. But while it’s clear that they’re helping, it’s important to remind employees that their work is having an impact by making sure they’re getting customer feedback.

What about people who don’t work with customers?

It is not so easy to motivate employees who do not work directly with customers, such as secretaries and office assistants. Their work largely benefits only one person directly the employer.

In this situation, it’s a good idea for the employer to motivate employees by recognizing how their hard work makes life easier.

What else?

In addition to making the effort to praise, employers need to know their employees.

Employees whose employers are interested in they will feel more satisfied with their role.

So what’s the best way to make an employee feel heard? Easy, take some time to sit down and talk.

Why it’s difficult:

At first it may be difficult to get the formalities in the workplace. During recruitment, managers are trained not to ask personal questions to candidates in interviews.

However, managers should know their own staff. This includes their dreams, what motivates them, and important events in their domestic life.

Employers must be specific in their praise. Why? Because employees need to know exactly what their contribution is to feel that their work is useful.


This often involves playing on the human element of any job.

If they understand that their work make a big difference to someones day, the work suddenly becomes much more meaningful. You should not put up with a miserable job.