Don’t Put Up with a Miserable Job

Bad jobs affect everyone, if people and managers are making an effort to connect, making each other feel valued, both the people and the business will thrive.

Find Meaning in Your Job

Do not put up with a miserable job to find a way to make it meaningful. Managers and employees alike have tools to bring joy and meaning to each other’s work. The key is to focus on your impact on others, your contribution to the whole, and have a clear way of measuring your success.

The higher your employee engagement, the more successful your business will be.

Switching Roles, Become the Employer

If you are looking for a job, it is wise to ensure that the role you are applying for has meaningful potential. You can do this at the interview stage.

Tell potential employers that you want to better understand them and that you want them to understand you. Tell them that you need a clear vision of what your job is doing for others, a clear way to measure success.

When they do not seem interested to answer questions, it is a red flag. Find a company that can offer you a workplace where you will expect to arrive each morning looking forward to your job.