Work Smarter with Cordless Drills

Work smarter, it will make you see the hard work you will have done.  This is an important principle in the construction industry. The drill is a must have for anybody working remodeling, installing fixtures or even servicing other equipment’s. on either interiors or exteriors.  With the advent of technology, cordless drills have slowly gained market recognition.

Here is a guide to the brands that have made a big step in the cordless drill industry.

The drills met the following criteria

  • They have huge chunks to accommodate big bits
  • They have long enduring batteries. They also have the display feature which clearly indicated the amount of charge in the drill.
  • They work at less friction by continually adjusting with the drilling surface
  • They have additional accessioned like the LED continuous work light, drill clips and equipment safety storage cases

The following brands made drills that we consider extraordinary.


They made the Festool TXS Compact Cordless Drill

The drill has proven beyond reasonable doubt that this is the right tool for the job. Its excellent performance is coupled with two high-performance batteries that charge to full capacity within half an hour. With a flawless frame fit, it has an almost negligible weight. This device wills sooth your palms as you access the tight drill spaces.


  • T-LOC Systainer 1
  • Keyless chucks of capacity 1/32″ – 3/8″
  • Cent Rotec chunks
  • Two 2.6Ah and 10.8Ah Batteries which fully charge in 30 minutes
  • Classic charger
  • Optional right angle chucks
  • Weights 198lbs.
  • Product dimensions at 15.5 x 11.5 x 4.4 inches
  • The BARE Tool accessory
  • A 3-month money back guarantees warranty


  • The combination of the high impact, weather resistant centrotec, optional right angle, and keyless chuck enables the drill to access closely knit places.
  • It is underlined by innovative technology that protects the drill from charge related issues such as overheating or under voltage.
  • The low eight of this drill makes it comfortable to use
  • It saves the time you could have spent charging the drill battery.
  • The tough outside model of the drill provides balance while working and protects the knuckles.
  • The shape of the dills head works just fine on every piece
  • It can be used to do delicate work


  • The drill has dos not accommodate quick fit bits.
  • It’s relatively small for tasks that may require bigger chucks.


It is the manufacturer of the powerful Ridgid Cordless Drill

Made from the rare STEALTH FORCE technology Ridgid, has managed to make the lithium-ion certified ridged cordless drill. Performing jobs with this equipment are easy due to the pulse created by the hydraulic oil.  The noise emitted to from this device is almost negligible.  This super kit comes with the high performing quality lithium ionized batteries.

The company provides a lifetime service agreement for registered users of this product. Moreover, the drill has the flexibility to perform to high power at normal speed.  Shadows limit the quality of work that someone can do with drills especially in dark sections. This may not be the case with this drill due to the 3 LED lights.

RIDGID 18-Volt STEALTH FORCE pulse performs faster than other standard drives. It does not only catered for big loads but small loads too.

Choosing the right cordless drill is important, I hope these reviews will help you in your choice of drill. For further information on cordless drills, visit