Things You Should Know When Buying a Condo

Condo painting usually can be done in one day on an average sized condo. Average size condos are usually approximately 600 ft.² to about 1000 ft.².

Of course everything depends on the condo layout and intricacies of the design.

The design and layout of the condo can vary from a very house painters toronto basic average floor plan details and trim details through to a complicated floor plan and custom trimming.

Your basic condo layout consists mostly of small short hallway entering,into the living space and almost basically entering the kitchen. The kitchen is a part of the larger room which includes the living room and dining room.

The detail work can vary from one unit to another unit where are the trim details might be different in size and shape. Painting the trim could be relatively quick and easy provided that it is in good shape with the no damages and is attached securely and tightly to the wall. If this trim is not attached properly to the wall there might be gaps between the wall and the wood trim or MDF trim which probably is most like used in most cases in new constructions.

Also there might be a variation in ceiling heights making it more time-consuming to paint for you or the painting contractor for the extra height and material used up.

In the small hallway leading into the front area there might be a clothes closet/ shoe rack and also a laundry room. These laundry rooms are very compact and generally don’t require a lot of painting. On the other hand some clothes closets have scuff marks from inserting a removing coats and boots.

Normally these scuff marks can be painted over without any additional preparation work.

In the kitchen thou, there might be grease and smoke stains that will have to be covered with special stain blocking primers prior to painting. And in some instances the grease is so heavily deposited it has to be first cleaned off with detergent prior to priming.

Little way down the hallway in most condos there will be a main washroom usually consisting of four pieces, toilet/ bathtub and shower and / sink and vanity. These generally also take a beating with hot showers and will most likely need washing down with a specialty wall cleaner such as TSP(trisodium phosphate) and or bleach which will remove common dirts and mildew in the latter case.

If the bathroom is done a light shade of color then the whole room can be painted with the same Color but if the room is dark then most of the time the ceilings will be painted white.

Usually also a kitchen and bathroom paint will be used protecting against moisture and mildew. These pants can be purchased in a variety of shine levels.

And lastly the condo could have one, two or three bedrooms depending on the size and layout. Also the condo could be just simply bachelor condo with no bedroom, just a living room where it can be converted to a sleeping area in the evenings. Here again in a larger condo there might be an en suite washroom directly attached to the bedroom. Also some condos have walk-in closets. Some walk-in closets that are left basic only have wooden shelf and coat hanger rod while others have custom made closet which can organize and sort your clothes. Some of these custom closets are made from wood that can be painted and some are pre-finished Melanie already looking finished and painted.

Condo ceilings come in two different varieties mostly, flat painted ceilings which is just simply a Drywall ceiling that as being painted or a stucco ceiling that has been spray stuccoed. If the new homeowner is considering on repainting a stuccoed ceiling in the condo it is very advisable to paint the ceiling with an oil-based primer or paint first because from our experience putting it latex paint over fresh never painted stucco causes the stucco to blistering and fall off.