Kik Messenger Partners With Perfect365 App

AR-powered vainness platform Perfect365, that touts quite a hundred million (mostly female) users, is that the latest startup to embrace blockchain technology and tokenize its platform.

Through a collaboration with Kin (a cryptocurrency developed by electronic messaging big Kik), the wonder app can before long reward users with cryptocurrency for his or her activity on Perfect365. To earn tokens, users can ought to complete surveys and alternative tasks on Perfect365.

With associate degree audience created from ninety two % girls, Perfect365 claims the Kin integration aims to introduce cryptocurrency to a gaggle that has largely remained absent from the blockchain area. Indeed, recent survey by social commercialism platform eToro indicated that solely eight.5 % of cryptocurrency users area unit feminine.

“The Kin system continues increasing across exciting classes of shopper apps, associate degreed integration Kin into Perfect365 permits USA to introduce cryptocurrency to an untapped demographic,” Kin chief Dany Fishel told arduous Fork. “As the primary AR beauty platform to introduce Kin’s cryptocurrency, we have a tendency to area unit conveyance additional price to our audience in permitting them to become active within the new economy of the longer term,” excellent 365 chief operating officer Sean Mao additional. You can see more news at

Virtuous ambitions aside although, there area unit a lot of uncertainties that forged doubt on the longer term of this collaboration. however before we have a tendency to get into the kinks, here’s however the mixing can work.

Inside Perfect365’s tokenomics
For starters, there’s a limit to the number of tokens you’ll be able to earn on a daily basis – and it’s pretty damn low.

Kin told arduous Fork that Perfect365 users are eligible to finish “up to four surveys daily,” every giving rewards between twenty and thirty KIN. At this rate, this amounts to but a cent price of cryptocurrency.

Completing surveys is that the solely thanks to earn tokens for the nowadays, however Perfect365 guarantees it’ll be adding new choices in time. the larger concern is there area unit quite few limitations to what users will pay their hard-earned tokens on.

While Perfect365 says users are ready to purchase beauty product with cryptocurrency, likelihood is they could ought to devote a lot of time to earn enough KIN to really purchase one thing – particularly once the earnings cap is ready at four tasks per day.

Split between blockchains
Although Kin at first launched on the Ethereum blockchain (and ran associate degree initial coin giving as associate degree ERC20 token), the corporate recently proclaimed its own Kin Blockchain – a fork of the Stellar network.

As a result, KIN has split into 2 completely different tokens: associate degree ERC20 token supported Ethereum, and a native token supported the in-house Kin Blockchain.

Unlike Ethereum, that comes with sure measurability limitations, Kin claims its new blockchain is absolutely capable of handling Perfect365’s 100-million-strong user base.

Despite the wonder platform’s huge audience, Kin claims the 2 firms were ready to complete the cryptocurrency integration while not resorting to savagely centralized solutions (like alternative startups have worn out the past).

(Correction: because of a misunderstanding in communication, this piece at first expressed Kin claims the mixing are entirely suburbanised. Kin has since processed that its blockchain depends on “federated model” that is “not totally suburbanised.” we have a tendency to apologize for the error.)

However, it’s price saying that as a fork of Stellar, the Kin system runs on a permissioned blockchain – another distributed ledger technology several have criticized as “centralized” within the past. The distinction between permissionless and permissioned blockchains is that the latter models support the power to settle on their own validators.

When asked concerning its validators, Kin aforementioned it’s still selecting partners to verify transactions on its network. “In an equivalent approach that Stellar chooses its own validators, Kin will be choosing validators,” a advocate told arduous Fork. “We area unit presently within the method of choosing partners WHO can run the nodes and act as validators for the blockchain.”

While the corporate continues to think about Ethereum for liquidity, the Perfect365 integration can run entirely on the Kin Blockchain. This additionally suggests that users are rewarded within the new native token.

But here is that the kicker: the native token isn’t accessible on any exchanges, and there area unit presently no conversion services either. This much makes the token no-count outside of Perfect365.

“[The token swap mechanism] is presently not accessible,” a Kin representative told arduous Fork, “but it’s in high priority and is worked on. I would like I might offer a date for this feature’s unharness, however we have a tendency to don’t have it however.”

Kik and Kin
Although Kin recently embarked on a $3 million developer fund to encourage coders to create for its system, Perfect365 is out and away the largest app to use its network.