Fun Dinner Party Games

Fun Dinner Party Games


A dinner party is not only about a mouth-watering menu, some amazing drinks and the guests but a night can turn out even more thrilling if some party games are involved. The party games should be arranged in the get together in a way that they are managed throughout with felicity. Either before the dinner is served or after getting done with the dinner, some games can bring excitement. Meebily provides a list of all fun dinner games is narrowed down below:

Fun Dinner games

A night will truly be more memorable if little packets of entertainment are added into it. Some Dinner game ideas are further listed down for you:

Ask me about:

This is one exciting game to be played at a dinner party. In this game turn by turn everyone will have to answer certain questions that will be asked from them. Little paper chits can be created in this way prior the dinner. One should then write interestingly creative things on these paper chits. For instance, Ask me about my first date, my guilty pleasure, my crush’s name, my favorite past time, my first kiss, my favorite pet etc. These little things can help in the better bonding of friends and even relatives. This game is most fun when more exhilarating questions are creatively made and furthermore all members in the team play.


The game of charades is definitely one of the most popular games of all time. It is the favorite game of various age groups be it the youngsters or the adults. A group of willing participants can best rock this game. In this game one has to guess what the team player is trying to explain to them. A movie for instance is explained to other members of the team by means of actions and the one who would guess will surely win.

Recalling old lyrics from songs:

This game can literally give you adrenaline rushes. In this game, again prior to dinner one should make small paper chits and fold a lyrical word into it. The word which gets displayed should be used. Now each of the both teams should make as many song titles as they possibly can with that word and the team with more titles will win. You can also try Disney theme songs as an interesting Disney game quiz.

Guessing the Slogan game:

It is a fun game, especially for adults. It is because most adults have knowledge about several slogans. In this exciting game, the host team should download some slogans from the internet and write them over a piece of paper. While playing the game each player will be given a chit and he read out the slogan aloud, while other players will have to guess which product slogan it is. The one player with a greater number of guesses will eventually win the game.