Caller Ring Back Tones

Chem 14D students have made nearly 100 ringtones to-date, which focus on substitution and elimination reactions. We’ve previously shown you sites that let you download all sorts of ringtones 5 Sites to Download Ringtones That Don’t Suck 5 Sites to Download Ringtones That Don’t Suck Whenever you’re sick of your cell’s ringtone, or just having trouble telling your phone apart from everyone else’s, finding a new sound can help.


If you want, you can also directly copy the music file to the Ringtones folder in the internal storage of your Galaxy S5. Once the music file is copied there, it will be available in the ringtone list so that you can customize Galaxy S5 ringtones with this music.


My current iPad mini stopped updating at iOS 9 (I think) and next time I need to wipe it, or possibly just want to add a previously-purchased but currently unused app back on, I’ll probably find I have to review the backups to find versions that will work.


People like myself have preferred backing up to a Mac than to iCloud because that entrusts only myself with safeguarding my personal information rather than bringing Apple’s cloud into the loop and being forced to trust them, their security, and their level of collaboration with government or private companies.


I don’t know if anyone else has had this behavior, but on iTunes on macOS 13.3, I was able to sync the custom ringtones I had added to a prior version of iTunes a long time, but not newm4r ringtones that I just purchased from a third-party provider, , recommended by MacPower Users.