10 Reasons Why Sleeping On A Minimalist Futon Is The Best Bed You Will Ever

Our mission is to expand the furniture market with a wider range of furniture, not only with a good Scandinavian design but also excellent quality. As most Soy Foam Futon Mattresses contain carcinogenic chemicals in the form of Queen futon mattress fire retardants that Brand Wich severely damage the immune system of adults and children we have chosen this Hybrid Foam for our Soy Foam Futon Beds which reduces significantly the chances of off gassing in your home.


If you are bunking on that futon mattress because you forgot your wife at the airport and she waited hours for a hubby that never showed and had to call her sister for a ride, you are guaranteed to get next to no sleep for days, regardless of how new or nice it is. Not that I know anything about such things, but if you are staying over at a buddy’s house because you and he got trashed for anyone to drive home, than sleeping on that futon is going to be a heck of a lot more comfortable than the floor.


The dual sided utility of the mattress significantly enhances its lifespan and  makes sure to provide a stable yet comfortable base for users to sit and lay on. This memory foam is made using a high-quality polyurethane gel foam which is not only durable but also sturdy.


  1. In bed & bath inns in the countryside, www.thebrandwich.com my friend has slept on futons on the floor which they bring out each time so before you start throwing around generalizations that Japanese people no longer sleep on the floor”, please consider that anything goes in any household.


Our Organic Futons work great with any type of bed frame and are designed as a perfect match with our Haiku Designs platform beds as an essential component of our Total Sleep Care System What all this means to you is our Organic Futons offer an exclusive combination of comfort and luxury combined into a healthy, natural futon mattress.